ASA tech-Dry-type transformers
Trocken-Transformatoren ASAtech

ASA tech-Dry-type transformers

We differentiate between two types of dry-type transformers:

  • Medium voltage transformers ASAtechMM
  • Low voltage transformers ASAtechNN

We manufacture these two types of dry-type transformers with outputs ranging up to 8.000 kVA. All transformers are manufactured and tested in accordance with valid IEC regulations. By request, it is also possible to take into account the regulations of various classification corporations for offshore applications as well as special national regulations (e.g. ANSI, GOST, etc.).

Our dry-type transformers are able to meet the highest possible standards. Both the OS and the US winding are resin-impregnated. This design guarantees a particularly robust and high-performance transformer.

By default, we use copper as winding material, but designs with aluminium windings are also feasible. The transformer cores are produced from cold-rolled, grain-oriented sheet metal by means of the step-lap method. Cable connections are made at support-held connection points. These can be designed and positioned entirely according to customer requirements.